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Rodolphus Lestrange's Natal Chart - A Nasty Reputation as a Cruel Dude

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October 10th, 2006

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09:19 pm - Rodolphus Lestrange's Natal Chart

Rodolphus Alexandre Lestrange 17 July 1956

Sun - Cancer- Receptive, sensitive and
imaginative, emotional, possesses an
active, shrewd and intuitive mind.

Moon - Capricorn- Bright Side- Deter-
mined, responsible, disciplined,
patient, committed
Dark Side- Rigid, pessimistic, opin-
ionated, materialistic, over-exacting.

Mercury - Leo- Eloquent. A leader. Good
at dealing with people. Superb at
directing and controlling others.
Boastful and arrogant. Has a fiery
temper. Expansive. Determined to
succeed. Resents tedium.

Venus - Virgo- Cautious about falling in
love. Fears that feelings may be ex-
ploited. Wants to be special. Refin-
ed and intelligent. Loyal and sympa-
thetic. Witty sense of humor.

Mars - Virgo- A prodigious worker. Ambi
tious and proud. Strong-willed. Can
set yourself apart from emotions.
Shrewd and calculating. Glamorises
sex. Strong passions under a tight
rein. Bogs down in details.

Jupiter - Scorpio- Excellent at ferreting
out hidden information. Luck comes
from the opposite sex. Shrewd in
money matters. May benefit from an

Saturn - Capricorn- Ambitious and inde-
pendant. Dictatorial and over-bear-
ing. May be seen as selfish and
mean. Self-sufficient. Wants to do
everything yourself. Does things the
hard way. Won't listen to advice.
Unable to share.

Uranus - Leo- Forceful personality. Wants
to be a hero. A leader. Creative
mind. Has to be on display.

Neptune - Scorpio- Drawn to what is hid-
den. Capacity for innovation and
invention. Extraordinary psychic
awareness. Interest in the occult.

Pluto - VirgoPractical. Puts facts to
work. Profound analytical quality.
Seeks perfection. Suspicious and
ready to find fault.

Ascendant - Leo- Noble of character. Has
high ideals. Great personal mag-
natism. Loves to put on lavish
displays. Efficient. A leader.
Self-confident. Wonderful sense
of humor. Dazzling smile and
stately bearing. Enthusiastic,
generous and creative. Egotisti-
cal, arrogant, a snob, conceit-
ed, pompous and condescending.

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