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A Nasty Reputation as a Cruel Dude

He Knows What Scares You

17 July 1956
Rodolphus Alexandre Lestrange

What does he look like?
Rodolphus is about 6 feet tall with broad shoulders. He has medium-dark brown hair that he wears rather long and dark brown eyes. His nose is slightly flat and he has a thin, but sensitive mouth. He has a star-shaped birth mark on his right shoulder. He of course has the Dark Mark on the inside of his left arm. His knuckles are scarred because he gets in a lot of fights. He seldom wears jewelry, not even a wedding ring, but he has a pocket watch that is a family heirloom. Rodolphus is a smoker. He is not as adept as his wife with the Cruciatus Curse, preferring to use physical violence against people. He is very much a sadist and his favorite method of torture is to burn people, usually with a cigarette. He is also very keen on archery.

What is his wand made of and how long is it?

Rodolphus’ wand is ebony and dragon heart-string and it is 10 ¼ inches long.

Magically, what are his strengths? His weaknesses?

Rodolphus is very good at Defence against the Dark Arts because he practices the Dark Arts and is adept at them. He is also good at potions. He’s not good at Care of Magical Creatures because he’d much rather hurt them than take care of them. Medium at Charms; he is worst at transfiguration.

What side is he on? Death Eaters

Give a paragraph or so describing how your character came to be on that side(s), and when it happened, both in terms of your character's age, and the year.

Currently under construction. Please stand by.

How does he feel about the war?

It’s about time! Let’s stop fooling about and show people who’s boss!

How does he feel about killing?
Rodolphus has absolutely no qualms about killing anybody or anything. As long as he can cause them as much pain as possible before they die.

What is his boggart? A clown.

What is his Patronus? Rodolphus’ patronus is a Granian

What might he see in the Mirror of Erised?

A total victory for Lord Voldemort with muggles reduced to slavery. He and his family (including children) would be some of the most important advisors in the new regime
archery, bellatrix, dark arts, doing lord voldemorts bidding, money, mud-blood and muggle baiting, power, rabastan, torture